Unstoppable: DVD available January 28


Unstoppable Hope
It’s one of those things we say in secret—a taboo topic: Christians who question God. But if you’ve ever lost a loved one, dealt with ongoing pain, or been caught in the wake of a disaster, you know what leads to heartfelt and heartbreaking questions like:

Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
Where is God in midst of pain and suffering?
Why me?

The good news: there is hope. Kirk Cameron’s latest film tackles the tough questions we ask … ones he has also asked. Calling it his most personal movie ever, Kirk’s UNSTOPPABLE will be available on DVD beginning next Tuesday, January 28 at your favorite Christian store or at your nearest Walmart.

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Unstoppable Movie Events

Unstoppable Movie Events
You can bring Kirk Cameron’s UNSTOPPABLE to your church for a special movie night. The film makes for a great outreach event, including a discussion or tough-questions time following the showing. Cornerstone Baptist Church in Pampa, Texas is showing it this weekend:

“We are very excited about having this opportunity to share this film with our community. We are in a small town that needs change in a Godly way. I know this film will give a better understanding and help people see where hurting comes from and Who gives us the healing we need.” Mike Nelson

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Unstoppable Impact

Unstoppable Impact
Kirk received this email from Cathy after she saw UNSTOPPABLE:

“My husband and I prayerfully considered who we would invite along. The Lord brought a young lady to our church who had been questioning whether there really was a loving God—she had lost a baby and had another child with a disability, and these events led to a divorce. She came with us and after the movie, she gave her life to Christ! This movie could not have come at a better time in this young woman’s life. It was the steppingstone that brought her into God’s Kingdom. Thank you for your boldness and faithfulness to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only hope in this dying world.”

See UNSTOPPABLE for yourself and share it with others beginning January 28!
Learn more at UnstoppabletheMovie.com

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