About Us

It all started with a heat wave…

In 1992, our founder gave a speech in her quest to be elected class president. It was the end of an unusually hot week and all of her classmates begged for an ice cream social to beat the heat. As a play on conversations with her classmates, Casanya used ICECREAMC as an acronym of why she should be elected.

Sadly, she lost the election. But, she gained the identity as the “ICECREAMC” lady (and the realization to not mention ice cream on a hot day if you don’t have the budget to give out ice cream!). A couple years later, Casanya was offered her first payment for her services as a creative designer and IcecreamC Consulting was born.

So, what is the IcecreamC effect?

We’re so glad you asked. At IcecreamC Consulting, our goal is to give voice and life to your dreams.


Identify the Dream


Consider the Possibilities


Evaluate Existing Market


Consider the Risks


Research Solutions


Express Plan of Action


Application Method in Test Market


Market Application


Capture the Dream

Are you ready to put the IcecreamC effect to work for your business, organization or production?  Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.