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Introducing Casey and Friends Go To College

We are excited to announce the launch of a new children’s book series, called “Casey and Friends Go To College.” This series of eight books follow the lives of Casey and seven of her friends that go on to attend Ivy League schools. Each of the friends share their inspiring story in their own unique way. Young readers will be inspired to DREAM BIG and chart their own journeys.

The series starts with “Casey Goes To Cornell,” a charming story about a determined and bright young girl, on her inspiring journey to Cornell University. From her love for learning to her dreams of attending a prestigious university, Casey’s story captures the essence of perseverance, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams.

Through the pages of this heartwarming tale, young readers will witness Casey’s unwavering commitment to her goals. They will explore the vibrant Cornell campus alongside her and learn about the beauty of diversity and collaboration. The story of Casey’s journey reminds us all that with hard work, support, and the courage to chase our dreams, anything is possible.

“Casey Goes To Cornell” is now available for purchase here. The following titles in the series are coming soon:

  • Bailey Goes to Brown (coming soon)
  • Perri Goes to Princeton (coming soon)
  • Hannah Goes to Harvard (coming soon)
  • D’sean Goes to Dartmouth (coming soon)
  • Yara Goes to Yale (coming soon)
  • Cam Goes to Cambridge (coming soon)
  • Patrick Goes to Penn (coming soon)

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